Missguided : My Online Shopping Haul, Tips & Review !

missguided haul

Hey friends ! Finally I made an order on Missguided…only 112 years after everybody. Lately it has been nearly impossible to ignore this British website, who carries tons and tons of affordable clothes, accessories and shoes. It reminds me a lot of ASOS, but smaller ! Without further ado, let me show you what I got, but also give you a full review about the quality of the products, do they fit true to size and so on. Go go go […]

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YesStyle Haul & Honest Review

yesstyle avis

YesStyle.com is an online shop, dedicated to Japanese and Korean beauty, fashion and accessories. This sums up perfectly what I LOVE in life (Japan : check, South Korea : check, fashion and beauty : double check). Obviously I had to place an order, not sponsored !, to make my own mind up. What did I buy ? Are YesStyle prices affordable ? What about the clothes/cosmetics quality ? What is the meaning of life ? I will tell you everything, right nowww

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Pusheen x Primark

pusheen primark

Hi there ! Last week-end I heard, totally by accident, that Primark was releasing a brand new Pusheen collection on the 5th of February. And I was sooo excited because I love Pusheen so much even though I am a grown up and also totally a dog person (hello baby). But Pusheen is so damn cute, I just can’t resist ! Consequently, I had to see this collection and (of course) get a few items ! So right after work, I […]

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Monki Haul & Review !

monki haul

Monki, the fashion Swedish brand owned by the H&M Group, caught all my attention recently (hello yummy sales!). I have been so attracted by the good looking clothes and tiny prices (I still cannot believe them) on the official website. My sweet fiancé offered to order me a few stuff as Christmas presents. I obviously could not pass it up ! It was a great opportunity to show you what I picked, give you my thoughts about the brand, how Monki clothes […]

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The Pompompurin Café (Singapore)

pompompurin singapour

Pompompurin is one of the cutest characters from the Sanrio family. Needless to say that he is quite popular in Asia. Not as much as his friends Gudetama or Hello Kitty but still ! My curiosity to discover the world of the adorable golden retriever was definitely tickled as I was travelling between Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. And luckily, I could share this experience with my fiancé who agreed to visit this magic place with me. Yasss ! So here […]

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Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask: my Honest Review

sand & sky masque argile avis

As several of you may have seen it, I saw several times on my facebook thread and on the various groups that I am part on on Face, the super videos of Sand & Sky with peach skin girls after the miraculous use of their purifying pink clay mask! As you may have heard, the pink clay mask from Sand & Sky is this detoxifying Australian mask, the only one sold by the brand elsewhere, which promises a radiant skin […]

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Chanel Bag : My Buying Guide & Best Tips

Le boy chanel bag handles chains

Buying a Chanel Bag – especially the first one – is a sacred experience for a fashion lover. It usually takes a lot of thinking, patience and a few months of sacrifices and savings. I’ve had the chance to fulfill that luxurious dream and I learned a lot during my search. I am happy now to finally share my own guide full of little tips. Hopefully, they will be of assistance for your future purchases (fingers crossed!).

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