yesstyle avis

YesStyle Haul & Honest Review is an online shop, dedicated to Japanese and Korean beauty, fashion and accessories. This sums up perfectly what I LOVE in life (Japan : check, South Korea : check, fashion and beauty : double check). Obviously I had to place an order, not sponsored !, to make my own mind up. What did I buy ? Are YesStyle prices affordable ? What about the clothes/cosmetics quality ? What is the meaning of life ? I will tell you everything, right nowww

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pusheen primark

Pusheen x Primark

Hi there ! Last week-end I heard, totally by accident, that Primark was releasing a brand new Pusheen collection on the 5th of February. And I was sooo excited because I love Pusheen so much even though I am a grown up and also totally a dog person (hello baby). But Pusheen is so damn cute, I just can’t resist ! Consequently, I had to see this collection and (of course) get a few items ! So right after work, I […]

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monki haul

Monki Haul & Review !

Monki, the fashion Swedish brand owned by the H&M Group, caught all my attention recently (hello yummy sales!). I have been so attracted by the good looking clothes and tiny prices (I still cannot believe them) on the official website. My sweet fiancé offered to order me a few stuff as Christmas presents. I obviously could not pass it up ! It was a great opportunity to show you what I picked, give you my thoughts about the brand, how Monki clothes […]

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chaussures puma heart noeuds

August shopping haul !

Guys, it has been such a long time since I hadn’t made a decent shopping haul ! This is mainly due to a year of almost ZERO shopping (moving + traveling = bankruptcy). AM I A SAINT OR WHAT. Luckily, since August I am back in the game! The reason behind it ? The adorable Puma Heart sneakers with their giant bows – seen for the first time in Malaysia -. I absolutely needed them because-this-blog-is-named-bowsome-so-who-am-I-kidding. And now they are […]

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CC fermoir Chanel

My Chanel Mini Flap Bag

Finally I own it ! My very first, Chanel Mini Classic bag (well know also as Timeless) !! The one I consider to be the most shining gem of my wardrobe. I still recall the day of its purchase perfectly. It was a nice Saturday in Barcelona and I was spending the afternoon with my friend Letizia. Then I introduced her the Chanel boutique. Timing was key, since if was the day before the prices increase. It’s a fact, Chanel bags price […]

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Espadrilles Chanel en cuir

Chanel espadrilles, tale of a shoe obsession

Chanel espadrilles and I share quite a story. I was frequently peeping at them in the street or online, but never clicked. Nothing surprising, since I wasn’t attracted to espadrilles at all. And finally, I don’t know if living in Spain and seeing so many times espadrilles had an impact on my tastes (probably), but what was disdain slowly changed into love. At the beginning of this incredible and epic journey, let me tell you that I did not rushed at all to a Chanel […]

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