pompompurin singapour

The Pompompurin Café (Singapore)

Pompompurin is one of the cutest characters from the Sanrio family. Needless to say that he is quite popular in Asia. Not as much as his friends Gudetama or Hello Kitty but still ! My curiosity to discover the world of the adorable golden retriever was definitely tickled as I was travelling between Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. And luckily, I could share this experience with my fiancé who agreed to visit this magic place with me. Yasss ! So here […]

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Moomin Cafe Bangkok Thailande

Review of the Moomin Cafe (Thailand)

Helloo friendzz ! Let’s head today to the Moomin Cafe in Bangkok (Thailand) for a sweet and back-to-childhood break ! I bet that most of you remember the Moomins from the Japanese cartoon inspired by the Finnish painter Tove Jansson‘s work. Growing up in France in the early 90’s, this cartoon usually mainly sticks as a vague memory. But in Asia, oh boy, the Moomins are still a thing ! In Japan (of course), I found so many times new goodies […]

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5 days in Seoul

Hello friends ! If I had to pick a country that I looove it would be Japan 100%. I am obsessed with it. But what about Seoul which is so often compared to Tokyo ? Are both cities similar ? As you can imagine, I was fired up to visit South Korea and see for myself ! With my fiancé, we took advantage of our 6 months time in Asia to explore the South Korean capital during a 5 days city […]

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Why you should wear culotte jumpsuits in 2017

Happy New Year people !! Let’s give 2017 a fresh start following my odd disappearance after the last post*. Let’s wipe the slate clean sorry, take good resolutions forgive me, and embrace this new year with lots of blogging-motivation aka. blogtivation ! In short, let’s be cray-cray (I love talking like in 2016). So last year, I left you on the promise of a new section** and travel articles. I was like epic in my blogging commitment aka. bloggmitment. And boy, we did travel a lot (if you are […]

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sunset boulevard

Fashion stopover in Mauritius Island

A promise is a promise, let’s take a view at some of my favorite shopping spots in Mauritius Island ! If you like to swing between gigantic malls and small typical shops, I think the following pictures may please you greatly.

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bowsome le blog mode a barcelone

Blog and life in Barcelona : a look back of the 4 past years

I landed here in Barcelona a little bit more than four years ago now. I was then freshly graduated and, at that time, I only spoke the terrible spanish I’ve been learning at school (it’s hard to admit, but I never liked the language that much). However, moving in Barcelona was quite smooth since my boyfriend already found a place for us as. As a long time expat in the Catalan capital city, he knew Barcelona like the back of his hand. Very convenient indeed ! We […]

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