Ballet flats : review of the best pairs of Chanel, Repetto, Anniel & Co.

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I KNOW, ballet flats are not particularly the most “beach-summer-kim-kardashian-friendly” shoes like pompom sandals, mules or espadrilles, but they will most certainly remain among your favorite versatile shoes time after time. We are now talking about a LIFETIME commitment overdramatization ON.

Exhibit # 1 your honor: This incredible pair of tassels and pearl sandals that I brought back to the store after a few days hesitating about their legitimacy in my shoesing. Meh.

So here is my humble review of my all-time favorite ballerinas among 5 brands well known for the quality of their shoes.

Chanel ballet flats

Repetto – Cendrillon “BB” ballet flats

We won’t beat about the bush, my favorites shoes of planet earth are made by Repetto*. I was already wearing their ballet shoes when I was 6 for my dance classes and, growing up, I naturally adopted the Cendrillon model (basically they are the ballet flats adapted to the city).

Pros To me, the Cendrillons have the perfect low-cut shape (= I can see the top of my toes while wearing them). Moreover they are available in tons and tons of new colors each season.

Cons Some consider that the Repetto’s soles are too thin (they give that non-cushioned very close to the ground feeling) and delicate. From my point of view, and until now, I have always been pleased with the quality of my pairs. Also, the Repetto’s pricetag may be a big “no-no” for the small budgets. However, you can get a very good deal to purchase them when on sale.

Pricetag from 195€ / US$345

An affordable look alike this pair* is so cheap, cute and made of leather ! Also, A+ for this leopard dupe* and I am in love with this THESE*.

Maloles – “Zoe” bow flats

Maloles just make the greatest big bow ballerinas to me. They are so damn adorable especially in this yellow neon color !

Pros Their pleated leather tips look so adorable and feminine. The insole is a bit more cushioned than the Repettos, which is a big plus for longer walks!

Cons I can’t remember why but I purchased this pair of Zoe in a size 36 instead of my regular 36.5-37. My feet and I are particularly obstinate so I can wear them but obviously they feel a little bit tight. Apart from this defect – which isn’t one – they seem fragile and their leather may loosen quickly on the pleated part.

Pricetag from 175€ / US$190

A cheap look alike Small price for a maxi bow effect with these flats* !

Marc by Marc Jacobs – “mouse” flats

Very original indeed, they are the somewhat the predecessors of the Charlotte Olympia’s kitty flats* which I am not so fond of (but I never tried them so never say never – justin biebs in da place).

Pros Do I really need to explain ? And the foldable version is way too comfortable with its buttery soft leather.

Cons I do find them a little bit fragile around the moustaches part. Hence, they can twist easily if you don’t organise them properly in your closet.

Pricetag From 198€ /US$210 for the “all black” foldable pair

A low price look alike The embroidered flats* are to die for (SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY).


Anniel – Suede ballerinas

A safe bet. And they are made in Italy which is a big bonus.

Pros These are definitely the most comfortables of all my ballerina flats, their cushioning is spot on !

Cons The suede pairs attract dirt but are way more comfortable to wear than the glitters ones (very rigid but I heard that they tend to loosen over time). Moreover Anniel’s prices have increased a lot in the last years, too bad.

Pricetag From 114 € / US$120

A cheap look alike No risks taken with these super cute flats*.

Chanel – ballet flats in beige and black lambskin leather

A real classic, in beige and black they are THE timeless and ultimate ballet flats.

Pros This style hugs perfectly your foot providing a very good support. The leather smells divine and is soft like a baby skin (the bad boys are made in Italy). Also, Chanel provides you a pouch to protect each shoe – they are true leather treasures.

Cons I honestly think that I am going ask for a refund (say whaaat?) just because they just cover my foot too much to my taste and I also have a panic fear to get them dirty in less than 5 minutes walking in the street – which will inevitably happen. Therefore, I’d rather like to purchase 2.76 pairs of Repettos for the same price. Sorry Chanel, but you lose that round.

Price-slap-in-your-face From 540 € /around US$750 for the classic two-tone and 560 € /around US$750 for the quilted model.

A good look alike You can take a chance with this cute beige and back* pair, this dupe with a shiny twist, or these cuties* (all of them wayyy cheaper).


Now, tell me more about your favorite ballet flats ??! Do you own one of the pairs I described and what do you think about them ?

See ya !

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  1. Hi, my all-time favourite ballet flats are Chloé Lauren (the scalloped ones) and Kikar by the Polish brand Balagan. I own several pairs of both. Leather, suede, all shades of brown and red… The Kikar have square toes, so they’re not exactly the classic example of a ballerina shoe but thet are super comfortable. I have one question: are the Anniel ballerinas true to size or do I have to go up a size?

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