Chanel espadrilles, tale of a shoe obsession

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Chanel espadrilles and I share quite a story. I was frequently peeping at them in the street or online, but never clicked. Nothing surprising, since I wasn’t attracted to espadrilles at all.

And finally, I don’t know if living in Spain and seeing so many times espadrilles had an impact on my tastes (probably), but what was disdain slowly changed into love.

At the beginning of this incredible and epic journey, let me tell you that I did not rushed at all to a Chanel boutique.

I started with a few very good and very cheap espadrilles from Spanish brands such as Gloria Ortiz (luv u sista) or Oysho to get used to the style. And, OMAGAAAD, that was a revelation. Espadrilles are in fact the most comfortable walking shoes in the whole wide universe.

After graduating from Espadrilles Estate University (damn the final exam was tough), I found myself thinking a lot about purchasing the deluxe version. At Cha-Cha’s of course.

I guess this post wouldn’t exist if I did not took the plunge (SPOILER ALERT). So let’s take a look at – not only one – but two pairs of Chanel espadrilles ! Bought them a few months apart.

Go big or go home, amaright ?

Espadrilles Chanel en cuirSadly, I don’t think they look as good as my Valentino Rockstud, but I love those little clouds for my feet so much.

A+ for Chanel’s leather, which is simply amazing (so soft, so beautiful) as always.

Fun Fact with Espadrilles (FFE) : khaki espadrilles were my very first pair !
Espadrilles Chanel de Luxe

Chanel Espadrilles Sizing

If you are wondering how do Chanel espadrilles run, I would personally say that they are usually true to size. I did not notice any difference between the fabric and the leather espadrilles (double sole). On the other hand, first editions of single sole espadrilles were running very small. So be careful if you think about purchasing a second hand pair !

Chaussures Chanel beige noirBoite à chaussures Chanel

Fabric vs Leather

I was determined – after the khaki’s – to purchase fabric espadrilles to get more diversity. I wanted them in black and beige to fit with the Chanel spirit. But, considering that the difference of price between the two (fabric and leather) was THAT low (I mean, something like US$45) I changed my mind and opted for the leather ones.

Fabric espadrilles are lined with leather but come on.

Another fun fact : the SA at my Chanel‘s boutique was trying to convince me to purchase BOTH styles (LOLOLOL) at the same time.

Espadrilles shoes Chanel khaki Chanel espadrillesEspadrilles Chanel beige noir


Between the purchase of my two pairs, there was a price increase at Chanel (sad but true).

I paid 450€ (approx. US $530) for the khaki pair and 480€ (approx. US $565) for the beige and black. I purchased both pairs in Spain, during spring 2015.

I am sorry to inform you that prices are more expensive now… 🙁

As they can vary from a region to another, I advise you to check the current Chanel espadrilles prices directly on the official website.

Espadrilles Chanel Khaki Vert

Double sole Chanel espadrilles (lambskin leather)

And you ? Do you love espadrilles or do you keep hating them ? (yeah, no halfway point here!)

Bisous !

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