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Finally I own it ! My very first, Chanel Mini Classic bag (well know also as Timeless) !! The one I consider to be the most shining gem of my wardrobe. I still recall the day of its purchase perfectly. It was a nice Saturday in Barcelona and I was spending the afternoon with my friend Letizia. Then I introduced her the Chanel boutique.

Timing was key, since if was the day before the prices increase.

It’s a fact, Chanel bags price get higher and higher almost every – damn – year. Sometimes it goes up to +20%, sometimes it’s less but it always happens at some point.

As you can imagine, I was feeling a little bit anxious knowing if I would or wouldn’t be able to lay hands on my precious before the critical day.

Let me tell you the whole story of my Chanel New Mini bag and give you some “technical” details about its size, what fits inside

Chanel Mini Classic bag CC locker

That particular day, I was in stage 3 of my Chanel madness syndrome.

My super SA already knew perfectly what I was looking for (a – rectangular – New Mini flap bag in black) but the boutique only had one Square Mini* in a bright red color displayed. Very nice but I did not want to settle.

Seeing despair in my eyes, he told us to wait while that he would take another look at the stock.

So we waited…

CC Locker Chanel Mini flap bag

15 endless minutes later, he brought my friend and I to the back of the shop – in a nice fitting room – and unveiled us secretly: the perfect Mini.

I honestly don’t know if the dramatic effect was calculated and a part of the Chanel house little tricks but THAT was a very nice move.

Overwhelmed with joy, I gasped. A few minutes later, this gorgeous Chevron quilted leather Mini bag was mine. It felt so good.

Chanel Mini flap bag top view Chanel Mini Classic black vintage gold hardware

The Chanel New Mini size

The rectangular Mini is 20 x 13 x 5 centimeters (or 8″ x 5″ x 2″).

This is the second smallest bag in the Classic / Timeless models right after the Extra Mini* (tiny but sooo cute).

What fits inside a Chanel New Mini flap bag What fits inside a Chanel Mini bag

What fits inside a Chanel New Mini bag

I thought it would be interesting to show you specifically what fits inside this cutie :

  • My iPhone 6s
  • My small “Zippy” wallet by Louis Vuitton
  • A gloss lipstick
  • A small makeup palette
  • Tissues
  • Keys (oops, I forgot them on my pictures but they would fit easily !)

Chanel flap bag back pocket


The bag features two pockets. One inside with a zip and one back pocket. I personally avoid to use them except to store slim items such as cards / pieces of paper.

Chanel chevron quilted leather Close up Chanel Mini Timeless flap bagChanel Mini Rectangular Timeless bag (Chevron leather and vintage gold hardware)

My Chanel Mini Classic Review

Like an overprotective mom, it is so tough for me to have an objective eye on this bag. I’ve been wanting it for so long…!

Among its assets, I would definitely highlight its small size, the crossbody chain strap (unlike the Square Mini) and the sublime lambskin leather.

But to be completely honest, I find the New Mini capacity quite limited and its leather pretty fragile. Even if I am used to go outside with nothing much, this bag is small and I don’t use it so often because I am a little bit phobic to damage it. I am aware how wrong I am about this, because at this price point I should enjoy my bag to the fullest. Silly me.

Also, its price was already crazy expensive at the time I bought it and I could hardly afford it today (currently it costs 620 € more than what I paid…No way José).

What about you ? Do you already own your dream bag ? I want to know everything about it !

Des bisous !

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  1. Hi,
    What is the price of New mini? And where did you bought it?

    Im looking for the same bag but I asked in Venice in store and they told me that extra mini was last season

  2. Hi,

    How has the bag aged since your purchase it? Looking to buy the exact same but cannot decide between beatiful lambsking or durable caviar.

    Thank you,

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