The Chanel Wallet on Chain

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Today, I am very glad to release this review of one of my most valuable treasures: the Chanel Wallet on Chain (also famously known as WOC !).

I’ll include – for those interested to purchase this cute wallet slash bag -, my honest opinion and a few technical informations.


Wallet on Chain Chanel


The real strength of the Chanel WOC lay in its design. It just looks like a smaller version of a classic Chanel flap bag ! And that’s really good news for those who can’t afford the steep price of the “real thing” but wish to acquire a Chanel piece.

For example, the Chanel Mini classic flap bag, costs about US$1200 more than the Wallet on Chain.

The Wallet on Chain measures 4,8 x 7,6 x 1,4 inches. Or in centimeters, 12,3 x 19,2 x 3,5 cm.

Here what fits inside my WOC (without overstuffing it) :

  • My iPhone 6s
  • Cash and credit cards (without a wallet)
  • A pack of Kleenex
  • A bunch of keys

woc chanel boite facture chanel


The Chanel Wallet on Chain features four pocketsThree inside (two of them with a zip) and one back pocket.

Moreover, the WOC has six slots for credit cards. Quite convenient to keep it organized without having to use a bulky wallet.

chanel wallet on chain chaine sac chanel


The pros From an aesthetic point of view, I find this style very beautiful and timeless. It really has the appearance and the “codes” of a classic Chanel flap bag (only smaller).

It is sleek, lightweight and very versatile. The many pockets and slots are also quite useful for such a small bag. Last but not least, the Wallet on Chain leather (caviar for mine) is gorgeous and feels expensive.

The cons I am not so fond of two things :

First of all, the length of the WOC chain is very very LONG and sadly can’t be adjusted. I usually wear it crossbody and it falls below my hip. And I am 5’5″ / 1,66m. I’ve seen a few tricks in order to shorten the strap inside the bag but I am not so thrilled about doing DIY for such an expensive accessory.

Secondly, the snap fastener (located right behind the Chanel logo) isn’t really practical. By not being magnetic, you have to struggle to close the bag. That’s – for me – a little bit annoying when the bag is half empty because I feel like I am pushing too hard and damaging my WOC.

Important Ready to finally purchase a Wallet on Chain ? Do not forget that this is a very small bag. Definitely troublesome if you run errands with tons of stuff with you ! On the other hand, in addition to a tote bag, you will have a great combo !

WOC Chanel vue de dessus Wallet on Chain Chanel

Look at it, so young, precious and innocent !

The Chanel Wallet on Chain has only been the first of my many splurges (so long my bank account !). Then, I just could not live without the Chanel espadrilles, the ballet flats and THE REAL classic flap bag…sigh

Please, sweet people, help me feel better and tell me more about your biggest splurges ! Do you own any luxury bag/s and accessory/ies ?

See you !

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