Review of the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe (Malaysia)

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Following our visit at the Hello Kitty Cafe, I was super excited to finally try the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe. We were walking past it so often at the beginning of our trip in Malaysia !

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Lunch Box Superman

So, what was it like eating at Batman’s ?

The crime scene

As far as I know, there is only a few existing DC Comics Super Heroes Cafes : 2 in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Johor) and 1 in Singapore.

I got the chance to visit two of them : Kuala’s and Singapore’s cafes. Both are paired with large DC Comics by-products stores. You can tell it is well thought out (for example, when you are inside the store you can take a peek at the restaurant and vice versa).

I can’t stress enough on how hard it is to resist to the temptation of shopping some marchandise AND eating at the cafe. Especially if you’re a super heroes fan !

Today’s review is mainly about the Kuala Lumpur location.

Atmosphere and interior design at the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe

The DC Comics universe is so vast that obviously they did a great job with the interior design. They just had to !

From the table sets to the glasses, the menu book and design of the dishes, we were really impressed. And, the layout of the cafe itself is so cool. I love little details because they take the experience to a whole new level. Since our visit, I am obsessed with purchasing some DC Comics tableware.

HOW MUCH for the glasses ? Were the words burning my lips during all lunch time (put my glass inside your bag, HURRY! before the waitress turns around !!!).

The menu

Past the first impression, it was time to get to the main stuff : FOOD ! YAY !

Of course, don’t even think about having fine cuisine or nasi goreng.

This is a (deluxe) fast food restaurant.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Menu

I recall spending more than 5 minutes just to admire the menu book (imitating the style of a comic book which is GENIUS). Finally, we ordered a few DC Comics characters themed dishes.

We got : a Green Lantern kiwi mocktail, Superman’s hot dog (served in a super awesome lunch box), Batman’s burger, Batman’s deep fried chicken and the Wonder Woman day’s special.

It was WAY too much but we couldn’t say no to the “two for the price of one” offer.

Anyway, we were fair for everyone (except from Suicide Squad)(and the rest of the Justice League)(oh wait…what about MARVEL)…

Apart from a big disappointment with the special (chicken was meh and the dish was hardly decorated), the rest was great ! Tasting good, well customized and generous.

Couldn’t ask for more…except for dessert ?

But sadly, I was full…(something dies inside me every time I have to turn my back to a big rainbow slice of cake).

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Cakes Gateaux Green Lantern Superman

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe : my verdict ?

We weren’t excepting that much and in the end it was a great experience for us !

The whole concept is very well executed. This the most advanced themed cafe we’ve visited so far. I only regret having ordered the day’s special (just stick to the main menu) instead of one of the big – deliciously looking – pastries. I’ll be back rainbow cake.

On top of that, we were charged just a little bit over $20 for the ENTIRE lunch.

Well done Batman, well done.


A few words about the by-products / merchandise store

Right after lunch, I was crazy ready to spend some more cash on DC Comics merchandise.

I got really interested by a Green Lantern t-shirt, a “The Flash” backpack and amazingly cool Wonder Woman sleepers. But finally, after considering the price tags for a moment ($40/$50 for each product), I couldn’t bring myself to pay that much.

Is it me or prices are super expensive ? Maybe I am just not super fan enough.

DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe Boutique Shop

〈〈 DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe 〉〉

Lot 5.11.00, Level 5, Pavilion KL, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie

What about you, have you ever visited a themed cafe ? Tell me more about your experience(s) !

Cheers !

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  1. One of the staff was very rude and stuborn, i booked the place to have a birthday party and he was not helpful at all when i requested to combine the tables so we can sit together, after couple of times asking it he finally changed the arrangement but he was yelling at my guests i was so embaraced, i do hope the management of this fine establishment look into this matter. And always do remember “ THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”.

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