10 Things You Should Never Say to a Fashion addict

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Unless you don’t mind suffering from a slow and painful death.


Carolina Herrera New York – Resort Collection 2017


How much did you pay for that “thing” ?

Quickly followed by the traditional “Whattt ?? Are you nuts ? I would NEVER spend THAT MUCH for a piece of clothing”.

First of all, that’s my money. I earned it and I can do whatever I want with it DUDE. Moreover, it is not a “thing”, but an unique handmade kilimandjaro silk poncho made by blind and deaf indian nuns.

valentino lookbook

Valentino Garavani Resort 2017


You should definitely size up

HOW RUDE. Is this person trying to dictate your diet or what ?

Two stunners wearing shapewear bodysuits from ASOS (I doubt they really need them) 


It’s ugly

This is serious. Somebody’s questioning your exquisite taste. Honesty is a quality but coming so bluntly from a friend (or worst, a stranger) could cause long-term damage.


Topshop / Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop


You look fat

Odd. Something’s up between that biyatch and the one that advised you to size up.

mariah carey

Meuwiah about to explode Fashion addicts and children first !


I saw the exact same with 70% off !

Should you call her/him names ? Yes, you should.




Sorry, your size is sold out (we only have size 0 or 12 left)

It often comes with the “Would you like me to call our downtown flagship store to see if you size’s available there ?” (you already visited that shop and know that it’s a lost cause) or the sadistic “Oh no…we won’t receive any restocking for this style, it literally sold out within minutes! would you like to take a look at this (replace with a totally uninteresting style) instead?”.


Are you stuck in the 70’s/80’s/90’s ?

So funny.

roberto cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2017


Oh I bought the exact same style by the way !

Interesting considering you told me it was ugly the other day Stacy (yes, that’s the same tart from the 3rd point).

Nevertheless, you should feel flattered if she changed her mind because of your delightful sense of fashion.


H&M – Collection Conscious Lookbook Spring 2011


RELAX, this is just another piece of rag

Are you truly calling my Hermes scarf a piece of rag ??

My precious Hermès silk scarf


Oops, I’ve just spilled soy sauce on your new dress. You’re not mad at me, are you ?

(flatlined electrocardiogram)

fashion addict

China Fashion Week Lighting Dress


Bisous !

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