Holy Crap !

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After blabbering about the 3 billion worth espadrilles, let’s take a fancy break ! Freshly arrived in Kuala Lumpur, after a month of shopping detox in Thailand, I lost no time and already went to visit my favorite stores. I owe my “sparkles-in-the-eyes” time of the day to Holy Crap !, a marvelous Japanese shoe brand by the couple of designers Kana and Masanori Tomita.

I had to show you ✨

Holy Crap chaussures japonaises

“Panic Horror” high heels sandals by Holy Crap !

They really remind me of a shark’s jaw but my fiancé definitely think it’s not. MYSTERIOUS.

Unfortunately, I did not tried them on and took a selfie !!

And if you are wondering what the rest of the collection looks like, here are a few of my favorite pairs :

I really like their originality, so different of what we are used to see all the time ! But I agree, they aren’t very classic and for everybody’s taste.

If you are traveling in Kuala Lumpur, these shoes are available at Isetan the Japanese mall. Otherwise, take a look the brand’s official website. FYI, each pair costs between US$140 and $250 approximately. A bit pricey, but the quality looks decent and they are so much fun !

If I had to to choose only one pair of Holy Crap ! shoes (sent to me by a unicorn jumping on clouds) I would definitely pick the “Friday the 13th” ballet flats ! And you ?

Des bisous

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