Missguided : My Online Shopping Haul, Tips & Review !

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Hey friends ! Finally I made an order on Missguided…only 112 years after everybody.

Lately it has been nearly impossible to ignore this British website, who carries tons and tons of affordable clothes, accessories and shoes. It reminds me a lot of ASOS, but smaller !

Without further ado, let me show you what I got, but also give you a full review about the quality of the products, do they fit true to size and so on.

Go go go !

missguided haul

What I ordered

So yes, it took me a while to shop on Missguided, because let’s be honest, most of the clothes are not my style at all. Too short, too showy, too fitted… I wasn’t feeling it.

Until I decided to take a deep look at the website and I actually found some cute stuff !

In the end, I purchased two pairs of shoes, a pair of pants and a sweater.

Studded gladiator sandals

sparties cloutees

This pair of gladiators was supposed to be the highlight of my order. I immediately pictured myself with them and a thousand outfits !

Just to be clear they are made of synthetic materials (I don’t think that any of missguided products are made of leather…maybe I’m wrong ?) but still they look cute and pretty good quality. Luckily, because they were not that cheap.

Style I bought this style*, which happens to exist also in rose gold, silver and with heels*!

Price I paid £35 for them, a little under 40€

Sizing  I took my regular size (EU 37 – UK 4 – US 7) and I think they run a little bit small. Maybe size up if you are between 2 sizes.

Keep or return I honestly don’t know ! I might return them but I also kinda like them so…

sandales missguided


Iridescent gladiator sandals

chaussures missguided sandales

These sandals were an immediate YES to me. I like their mermaid/unicorn/shiny style and color, so fun and whimsical for the summer ! Also, they were very cheap which is always a BIG plus.

Style if you want them, here’s the link* ! they also come in a very dragon meets turtle ninja green*…

Price £18, around 20€ !

Sizing Again I found the sizing strange. They run quite small on me. Are my feet too big because of the heat or what ??

Keep or return Sorry girls, I can’t keep you or my feet are gonna die ! (sadness)

sandales holo


Pink “lover” oversized sweatshirt

avis missguided

Who’s the genius that buys huge and warm sweaters in the middle of june in Barcelone ? Me, of course !! For my defense, the picture on the website was SO adorable that I couldn’t pass on this one.

In real life it is very soft, comfy and perfect for next winter. I love it !

Style That’s the one* (omg I just love the hearts on the sleeves)

Price Only £25 (less than 30€) which is a pretty good deal

Sizing this is the complete opposite of the shoes. I understand that it’s an oversize sweater but it runs very very big. You could fit almost two persons in it (and it’s a size EU 34/Extra-Small) !

Keep or return are you kidding me ? I’ll keep and cherish it forever and ever !

fashion missguided lover

Pleated cropped culottes

pantalon plisse missguided

These pleated pants are so trendy lately, you can see them everywhere ! So I was super happy to finally snatch a pair that looks comfy but not too casual.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find them in the pink or light grey color (sold out in my size…). But I am not mad, black is always an excellent choice.

Style I got these*. Note that they also exist in petite or tall versions, in case you were wondering !

Price £25 (a little bit under 30€)

Sizing they run true to size to me. FINALLY !!

Keep or return yep, they fit fine but in the end I am not a big fan of the fabric (nothing catastrophic, but I’m looking for something silkier). Also I don’t like the rubber band around the waist area. Too bad !

wide legs missguided


missguided review


Missguided : my general review

missguided review

I have mixed feeling about my first order on Missguided. Here are a few points to keep in mind about this website :


Nothing to complain about, the website is clear and easy to use. My biggest issue would be that all the cute stuff were always sold out in my size (only speaking about the clothes, I did not any have problem to find my size in the shoes section). I don’t know if their stock is very limited or the website too popular but it made me sad…

🔥 My tip 🔥

I’ve noticed something strange but interesting  : even though there are a spanish and a french missguided shops, you can still order on the english website*. Not only I’ve found more choice but also got free shipping (to Spain) !


Shipping is free for orders over 50€. For smaller orders (less than 50€), shipping price starts around 2€ (Click & Collect).


It took 5 days for my order to arrive in Barcelona. Not bad at all ! Returns are also free.


Quality wise, I truly believe it depends from one product to an other. Generally speaking quality is OK but you won’t find very nice fabrics or clothes that you will keep in your wardrobe years after years. But the big plus is that you can try out new trends without having to pay a lot of money. Just don’t expect miracles from a 20€ pair of shoes !


Sales have started, up to 70% off !


Nothing to report !


My package arrived with a BIG hole in it. Luckily my entire order was fine inside but Missguided you should provide better quality packaging material…

missguided avis blog mode

Bisous !

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