5 days in Seoul


Hello friends ! If I had to pick a country that I looove it would be Japan 100%. I am obsessed with it. But what about Seoul which is so often compared to Tokyo ? Are both cities similar ? As you can imagine, I was fired up to visit South Korea and see for myself ! With my fiancé, we took advantage of our 6 months time in Asia to explore the South Korean capital during a 5 days city […]

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Tie & dye dress (and a little doge)

Hey ! Are you maintaining a kind of tradition with some of your favorite brands ? Small or big habits that you keep repeating each time with delight and a touch of impatience ? Let me confess mine. First, I can’t get enough of the Petit Bateau sweater dresses in winter time, then the panties from Oysho and obviously the Cendrillon ballet flats by Repetto… Lately I also noticed that the french brand BA&SH always manages to seduce me with their dresses. “Their” might be a strong word because this is […]

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Ballet flats : review of the best pairs of Chanel, Repetto, Anniel & Co.

ballerines chanel repetto avis

I KNOW, ballet flats are not particularly the most “beach-summer-kim-kardashian-friendly” shoes like pompom sandals, mules or espadrilles, but they will most certainly remain among your favorite versatile shoes time after time. We are now talking about a LIFETIME commitment overdramatization ON. Exhibit # 1 your honor: This incredible pair of tassels and pearl sandals that I brought back to the store after a few days hesitating about their legitimacy in my shoesing. Meh. So here is my humble review of my all-time favorite ballerinas among 5 brands well […]

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Why you should wear culotte jumpsuits in 2017

Happy New Year people !! Let’s give 2017 a fresh start following my odd disappearance after the last post*. Let’s wipe the slate clean sorry, take good resolutions forgive me, and embrace this new year with lots of blogging-motivation aka. blogtivation ! In short, let’s be cray-cray (I love talking like in 2016). So last year, I left you on the promise of a new section** and travel articles. I was like epic in my blogging commitment aka. bloggmitment. And boy, we did travel a lot (if you are […]

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Fashion stopover in Mauritius Island

sunset boulevard

A promise is a promise, let’s take a view at some of my favorite shopping spots in Mauritius Island ! If you like to swing between gigantic malls and small typical shops, I think the following pictures may please you greatly.

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Blog and life in Barcelona : a look back of the 4 past years

bowsome le blog mode a barcelone

I landed here in Barcelona a little bit more than four years ago now. I was then freshly graduated and, at that time, I only spoke the terrible spanish I’ve been learning at school (it’s hard to admit, but I never liked the language that much). However, moving in Barcelona was quite smooth since my boyfriend already found a place for us as. As a long time expat in the Catalan capital city, he knew Barcelona like the back of his hand. Very convenient indeed ! We […]

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