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Hi there ! Last week-end I heard, totally by accident, that Primark was releasing a brand new Pusheen collection on the 5th of February.

And I was sooo excited because I love Pusheen so much even though I am a grown up and also totally a dog person (hello baby). But Pusheen is so damn cute, I just can’t resist ! Consequently, I had to see this collection and (of course) get a few items !

So right after work, I went directly to the Diagonal Mar shopping mall (in Barcelona) !

And I was not disappointed at all…

pusheen primark

First of all, I was totally picturing many cute Pusheen displays to show you guys. Very much like that cute instagram.

But instead, I stumbled upon THAT :

bordel primark barcelone

It was pure chaos. Big messy piles of clothes everywhere. Crowds of people in every corner. It shut down my enthusiasm immediately !

What was supposed to be a pleasant meowy-mermaidy-pusheeny stroll became right away a speleology expedition to spot at least a few items and escape safe and sound.

I will spare you the hassle, let’s jump right in to my finds !

pusheen primark

An adorable make up case.

pyjama pusheen primark

I loved those pajamas but I was not impressed by their quality

mug pusheen

Holo mermaid Pusheen Mug ?

pusheen primark socks

Cutest socks ever !

Also, I was very curious to check the Harry Potter x Primark collectionThere were definitely much more HP merch than Pusheen in store.

harry potter primark

I loved those Hedwig slippers ! I was really tempted to get them but instead I preferred another Harry Potter item that I was not expecting to be available..

primark sac

It was a short but epic shopping adventure !

Did you experience the Pusheen x Primark fever too ? Let me know in the comments section your own journey, what did you buy etc. !

And if you are curious to discover real soon all my purchases, follow @bowsome on instagram and/or facebook !

Bisous bisous !

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