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Helloo friendzz ! Let’s head today to the Moomin Cafe in Bangkok (Thailand) for a sweet and back-to-childhood break !

I bet that most of you remember the Moomins from the Japanese cartoon inspired by the Finnish painter Tove Jansson‘s work. Growing up in France in the early 90’s, this cartoon usually mainly sticks as a vague memory. But in Asia, oh boy, the Moomins are still a thing ! In Japan (of course), I found so many times new goodies while the cartoon is from 1990-1992 ! These guys are faithful to death.

As a fangirl of practically everything that relates to my childhood, I have – oddly – never had an ounce of interest for the Moomins. First of all, I could not bear the opening song (which is dangerously looping in my head right now). Besides, I never cared so much for the characters and even less the story.

NEVERTHELESS, my fiancé being a fan of the Moomins since he was little, I could not deprive him of this visit. Hashtag hearts in the eyes emoji ♥

Moominpappa, Snufkin and I, ROUND ONE.

Moomin Cafe Bangkok Thailand

The crime scene

Currently there are – at least – 11 Moomins Cafes throughout the world. 4 of them are located in Finland, and 7 in Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand).

You can also find lots of shops devoted to the series in these countries as well as in London. Crazy, right ?

All addresses are here!

Moomin Cafe Bangkok Thailand

Atmosphere and interior design at the Moomin Cafe Bangkok

As I told you, I am not crazy about the Moomins stuff but I am not made of Stone either ! I must confess it was kind of difficult to remain insensitive to such a neat decoration ! You can tell that the designers have dug their brains to recreate a Scandinavian, cozy and winter-y atmosphere while outside it is about 800 degrees in the shade. A little hygge on the edges if you want my opinion.

Furniture in (look-alike) wood and (faux) stone linings are in every corner of this café. As with Disney’s, everything looks just fine and is sufficiently elaborated to provide a nice atmosphere!

I enjoyed the restaurant entrance which is hardcore adorable (I await your e-mails if you have trouble following my architectural terms).

Look at THAT CHAIR !

The menu

We stumbled upon the Moomins Cafe just after lunch. So we magically cleared a little space in our stomachs and ordered a latte coffee and a Moominpappa’s Magic Hat (Chocolate helps all the time).

Devotion is my job.

The drinks seemed quite expensive to me but in fact they were affordable. We paid approximately $7.50 (excluding tax) for both of them.

As usually, let’s take a look at what you could also eat there !

The Moomins Cafe Bangkok : My Verdict ?

Well…I spent a great moment the Moomin Café ! Not only our drinks were delicious and hell cute but I also enjoyed the super cozy atmosphere.

Big bonus that I jealously guarded from you (until now) : GIANT toy characters are available at all the tables ! That was so freaking cool !!

I would return for a lunch or a drink anytime !

Pipo Moomins peluche

〈〈 Moomin Cafe Bangkok 〉〉

Rama 1 Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Would you like to visit this themed cafe ? Or did you visit one in another country ? Let me know !!

Des bisous

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