Sand & Sky Pink Clay Mask: my Honest Review

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As several of you may have seen it, I saw several times on my facebook thread and on the various groups that I am part on on Face, the super videos of Sand & Sky with peach skin girls after the miraculous use of their purifying pink clay mask!

As you may have heard, the pink clay mask from Sand & Sky is this detoxifying Australian mask, the only one sold by the brand elsewhere, which promises a radiant skin with tight pores.

At the heart of the mask: Australian pink clay, supposed to come from one of the purest environments in the world. Alright, let’s test it!

Here is my review, guaranteed honest and not sponsored!

sand & sky masque argile avis

First of all, where to buy the Sand & Sky beauty mask?

On the official website for… 46.9 euros …  It’s a lot more than my usual mask budget but as I am a true journalist, let’s do it!

First impressions

First disappointment, the bottle is 1/3 to 2/3 empty. Given the price uh … ! After writing to Sand & Sky they explained to me that sometimes there are air bubbles that enter the bottles, and they sent me another one. Act honorable but honestly my first impression is still a bit negative.

Second disappointment then, the mask is absolutely not pink. I know, that’s not the most important, but the photos on Instagram are so beautiful that fatally, we are disappointed!

The application

In terms of application, the mask is to be put on clean skin using the brush that is provided with the mask. Then let it work for 10 minutes. Be careful, it pecks at first! And then remove with warm water and dry!

The results

And the results otherwise? I confess that on my side I found that my skin was sharper and brighter sincerely! It can be a little oily sometimes at certain times of the month and there I found it was all bright!

On the other hand, I would not recommend the product for dry or sensitive skin! Midori tested it too and her skin, drier than mine, was a little red at the end.

routine beaute

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