Tie & dye dress (and a little doge)

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Hey !

Are you maintaining a kind of tradition with some of your favorite brands ?

Small or big habits that you keep repeating each time with delight and a touch of impatience ?

Let me confess mine. First, I can’t get enough of the Petit Bateau sweater dresses in winter time, then the panties from Oysho and obviously the Cendrillon ballet flats by Repetto…

Lately I also noticed that the french brand BA&SH always manages to seduce me with their dresses. “Their” might be a strong word because this is a rather expensive brand and I can’t afford at all to buy the whole collection. Let’s rather that I’ve been religiously purchasing one BA&SH dress per year.

As far as I can remember their names were Augustine, then Edouard, Blondie and today’s newcomer is Rebecca.

Most of them have one thing in common, their tie & dye prints (which look different every time but still). I am kind of embarrassed for being so monomaniac !

Designers of the world, if you are interested to sell me some good pieces of clothing, you know my weakness and what to do.

But let’s get back to Rebecca, my most recent acquisition. I found this beauty during on sale after 3 months hesitating about purchasing her! I am glad that I did so here she is (featuring my little shiba inu doggy) !

french style tie & dye dress shiba inu doge dogCrowned Mister Shiba Inu Universe (love)
ciutadella_park_parque_barcelona_barcelone_parc_city_summer_cuidad_catalunya_effectedflirty_robe_dress_rebec_rebecca_tie_dye_bash_bash_ysl_saint_laurent_espadrilles_shoes_bag_balenciaga_hip_town_sac_gris_grey_alpargatas_barcelona_barcelone_style_look_tenue_fashion_mode_effected _espadrilles_yves_saint_laurent_alpargatas_cuir_leather_straps_noeud_bow_2016_fashion_style_shoes_summer_trend_effectedEspadrilles rule !
shiba_inu_doge_dog_cute_japanese_dog_bcn_style_blogger_effected robe_dress_rebec_rebecca_tie__dye_bash_bash_ysl_saint_laurent_espadrilles_shoes_bag_balenciaga_hip_town_sac_gris_grey_alpargatas_barcelona_barcelone_style_look_tenue_fashion_mode-jpg_effectedSince he took this breathtaking picture, my fiancé has officially upgraded his status to “International fashion blog photographer” !
robe_dress_rebec_rebecca_tie_dye_bash_bash_ysl_saint_laurent_espadrilles_shoes_bag_balenciaga_hip_town_sac_gris_grey_alpargatas_barcelona_barcelone_style_look_tenue_fashion_mode_effectedbarcelona_ciutadella_park_parque_catalunya_city_cuidad_barcelone_ville_ete_summer_2016_effectedshiba_inu_dog_chien_japonais_robe_dress_summer_style_2016_barcelona_bcn_effectedhigh five !_barcelona_ciutadella_park_parque_catalunya_city_cuidad_barcelone_ville_ete_summer_2016_effected2016_robe_dress_rebec_rebecca_tie_dye_bash_bash_ysl_saint_laurent_espadrilles_shoes_bag_balenciaga_hip_town_sac_gris_grey_alpargatas_barcelona_barcelone_style_look_tenue_fashion_mode_effectedHe looks so goofy on this one, I was laughing so hard when I was that picture for the first time !espadrilles_yves_saint_laurent_alpargatas_cuir_leather_straps_noeud_bow_2016_fashion_style_shoes_summer_trend_effectedpicasso_fuente_fountain_barcelona_ciutadella_park_parque_catalunya_city_cuidad_barcelone_ville_ete_summer_2016_effectedNever understood the meaning of that fountain masterpiece but hey, why not ?robe_dress_summer_style_2016_barcelona_bcn_effectedDid I mention that this tie & dye dress is SO SOFT ?turquoise_bracelet_silver_semi_precious_stone_feather_effectedsac_bag_balenciaga_giant_hip_grey_gold_or_gris_fashion_style_effected

Tie & dye dress “Rebecca” BA&SH

“Giant hip” bag Balenciaga

Saint Laurent leather espadrilles

Are you a hippie at heart too ? Do you own a tie & dye dress (or too many like I do) ?

Des bisous!

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