Why you should wear culotte jumpsuits in 2017

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Happy New Year people !!

Let’s give 2017 a fresh start following my odd disappearance after the last post*.

Let’s wipe the slate clean sorry, take good resolutions forgive me, and embrace this new year with lots of blogging-motivation aka. blogtivation ! In short, let’s be cray-cray (I love talking like in 2016).

So last year, I left you on the promise of a new section** and travel articles. I was like epic in my blogging commitment aka. bloggmitment. And boy, we did travel a lot (if you are an Instagram user, you may already know) but I wrote almost nothing about it. YET. Shame on me.

Although our travel adventures are still not over, the main part is done and I came back with tons and tons of photos. Some of them are useless, a few are good and many will remain as unforgettable memories. I may have what’s needed to tickle your curiosity and inner explorer from now on!

Finally, you might ask what is the damn link between the title of this post and my old lady motivation speech. It turns out that our third destination after Malaysia and Singapore was Japan (Tokyo!! gaaahh) in mid-November and a clothing purchase came up quite early a few days after our arrival: a culotte jumpsuit. Yes, it sounds awful but that piece of clothing is such an effortless thing to wear.

And I totally owe Taylor R, a youtuber that I enjoy watching on a daily basis, for this find!

With no further introduction, meet my Japanese jumpsuit next to a beautiful Japanese sunset (ouuhh).


japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_12japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_6japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_13japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_3japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_14japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_11japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_10japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_15japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_9japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_8 japon_japan_fashion_mode_combi_culotte_tokyo_mode_2016_fall_winter_1

Culotte Jumpsuit Barak (Shibuya 109)

“Little Twin Stars” shirt Uniqlo x Sanrio

Sanrio “Little Twin Stars” backpack

* Funny story : I left Singapore thinking that I forgot my macbook charger at my brother’s house. Only to find out one month later that it was in my travel backpack. The whole time. Appalling, innit ?

** Still topical!

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