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This post is also available in: frFrançais is an online shop, dedicated to Japanese and Korean beauty, fashion and accessories.

This sums up perfectly what I LOVE in life (Japan : check, South Korea : check, fashion and beauty : double check). Obviously I had to place an order, not sponsored !, to make my own mind up.

What did I buy ? Are YesStyle prices affordable ? What about the clothes/cosmetics quality ? What is the meaning of life ?

I will tell you everything, right nowww

yesstyle avis

Haul time !

There are so many choices on YesStyle that it is very tempting to purchase a little bit of anything and everything. You can easily spend an hour looking at beauty creams, dog stickers or funny sunglasses. Also, prices are often very interesting.

However, I’ve chosen to stay reasonable for my very first order (whyyyy).

So I went for 3 fashion items and 5 beauty essentials.

Japanese skincare

masque beaute japon

During my trips in Japan, I’ve seen many times beauty products from The Rose of Versailles x BANDAI Creerbeaute collection. And as a huge fan of the manga (no I didn’t cry while reading it, YOU cried), I am still very surprised I never bought anything from it.

But this time I could not say no to this wonderful rose scented gold and hyaluronic acid sheet mask. Knowing myself, I will have the toughest time using it…I mean the packaging is so pretty that I don’t want to throw it away. I should FRAME it (crazy person).

Its retail price on YesStyle ? I paid 4,05€ for this face mask.

Its retail price in Japan ? approximately ¥410. Around 3,10€.

biore cosmetiques japon

Kao/Bioré is a very big beauty and cosmetics company in Japan. Most of the products are very cute, cheap and pretty good.

I could blindly order these 2 packs of face masks that I really like : the first one is the Neteiru Aidani Night Eye Pack (you have to sleep with the product on and ultimately get your eyes stuck together when you wake up – but it is worth it!) and the other is the Charcoal Pore Pack*.

Their retail prices on YesStyle ? I paid 7,61€ and 5,41€ for them.

Their retail prices in Japan ? approximately ¥975 and ¥550. Around 7,40€ and 4,20€.


Korean skincare

cosrx cosmetiques coreennes

Meanwhile in South Korea, COSRX also has the reputation of being a great – and cruelty free – beauty brand. I was SO ready to try a few products after reading so many excellent reviews !

I went with the One Step Original Clear Pad* which is a pack of 70 exfoliating pads that should purify my skin and clear my pores. The other one is the Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask* which is meant to make my skin glow.

Their retail prices on YesStyle ? I got them for 18,30€ and 14,46€.

Their retail prices in South Korea ? ₩25000 and ₩16000 won. Around 19€ and 12€.

etude house masque yeux

It’s bonus time ! I also got this cute Collagen eye patch from Etude House in my order for free. YAY !

Its price ? I was a gift but its retail price on YesStyle is 3,22€.


Korean fashion

vetements coreens chuu

In the fashion area, my attention was drawn to some cute and cheap pleated mini skirts with built-in shorts – very trendy in Korea lately. I got a pink one from Chuu, a very popular Korean brand in size Small, and also a cute blue and green plaid one (no brand) in size Medium.

From my point you really have to pay attention to the size charts and to the reviews because sizing can be tricky. I weight 53 kgs for 1m66 and both skirts are slightly tight and also very short. Quality-wise, I think that both are average.

Their prices ? The Chuu one was 21,73€ and the other one was 12,84€.

chuu pleated mini skirt

chaussettes coeurs

Last but not least, look at these adorable heart socks ! Aren’t they adorable ?

Their price ?  3,32€.


YesStyle : my general review


Overall, I am quite pleased and satisfied with my order on YesStyle. Here are the key points :


If you are always craving for Asian fashion and beauty products then YesStyle might become your new paradise. I love that that so many big brands such as Etude House, COSRX, Chuu, Bioré (and much more) are available at reasonable prices.

I also really appreciated receiving a free product !


Shipping is free for orders from 30€. For small orders (less than 30€), shipping price is around 4€.


I made my order on the 21st of March and it arrived in Barcelone on the 5th of April – 15 days later. Not super fast but you can also pay for the express shipping if you want.


Quality is perfectly fine for all the beauty products I got. But regarding the clothing items, I have mixed feelings. I was a little bit disappointed by the sizing and quality : It was just OK. I will definitely buy new stuff again, but probably not in the clothing department.


By subscribing to YesStyle newsletter I got 10% off. Neat !


YesStyle is a company based in Hong Kong but all my products were sent by DHL from the United Kingdom. I did not have to pay any customs duty.


I am not very fond of how the products pages are made. Most of the time, I find them confusing.

For me the biggest problem would be the return policy. In fact if you want to return one or several items you will have to send them back to Hong Kong and I am sincerely afraid of the shipping cost. And finally, if you decide to send them back anyway, YesStyle will only refund you with credit to use on the website. Uncool.


This is the Chuu skirt I bought (in white) !

And you ? Have you ever placed an order on YesStyle or would you like to ? Please share your thoughts and experiences !

Bisous bisous

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