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Happy monday !! Today I am thrilled to invite you to the Gudetama Cafe Singapore !

For those wondering who the hell Gudetama is, let’s just say that’s a Sanrio character with a funny yet curious personality. Very famous in Japan, Gudetama is an egg that most of the time feels unhappy or very lazy. Not very Hello Kitty like !

The whole “world” around this character is far from being depressing and after seeing him all around Japan, I like it more and more ! That’s why I was so impatient to take a look at its own dedicated themed cafe ♥

Gudetama cafe

The crime scene

As far as I know, there are only two existing Gudetama cafés. One in Osaka (Japan) and the other in Singapore.

Also, they opened for a very limited time (3 months only !) a Gudetama cafe in Tokyo in 2016.

I can’t believe people are working their ass off to create a whole restaurant design and menu, just to throw it in the garbage can after only 3 months…! And this concept is so popular that people must book a in advance to get a chance to eat there.

Sadly, I did not see the Osaka nor Tokyo’s cafes, thus I will only talk about the Singaporean’s version !

Gudetama cafe singapore

Atmosphere and interior design at the Gudetama Café Singapore

I must tell you right away that – in fact – I did not ate at this restaurant ( We were in a hurry…but I insisted to make a stop just to buy some cake (and take a few pics) !

By seeing my crazy eyes, my fiancé couldn’t say no and wisely let me do my thing (hi, I am 30, no shame whatsoever !).

I did my best to make the most of it, and I really liked the whole interior design completely matching the egg theme. Recently opened, this cafe is shiny new which is always a plus (except for old cafe lovers…?).

You can also purchase some by products strategically placed at the restaurant’s entrance. Clever guys.

The menu

If you are into the character, all the Gudetama Café dishes may look irresistible to you !

I had a very difficult time deciding which pastry to pick since all of them were so cute. Finally I chose the adorable lemon meringue pie. So adorable I couldn’t bring myself to eat it for the longest time ahah. 300 millions of pictures later, I finally tried it and…it was so freaking delicious !

I was expecting something OK but was so surprised by the quality and yummy taste of this piece of pastry ✨

I would most certainly buy it again in the future. YES YES YES señor.

Gudetama cafe tarte au citron

Here are a few examples of the dishes available !

The Gudetama Cafe Singapore : my verdict ?

You know me, I am all about love and I would rate this cafe a strong 13/10. But to be fair, although my cake was exquisite and the whole restaurant design very cute, I read a few mixed reviews about the food being quite pricey ($$) and the service’s lack of quality.

To provide a better and deeper comment about the Gudetama Café, I really think I need to visit again…just because I am very involved with my job…


〈〈 Gudetama Cafe Singapore 〉〉

3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-361 Suntec City Mall, Suntec City, Singapore 038983

And you ? Have you already visited themed cafe(s) ? Any Gudetama fans in the room ?


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