The Pompompurin Café (Singapore)

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Pompompurin is one of the cutest characters from the Sanrio family. Needless to say that he is quite popular in Asia. Not as much as his friends Gudetama or Hello Kitty but still ! My curiosity to discover the world of the adorable golden retriever was definitely tickled as I was travelling between Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. And luckily, I could share this experience with my fiancé who agreed to visit this magic place with me. Yasss !

So here we go for a cute and fun review of the Pompompurin Café !

pompompurin singapour

The crime scene

There are 4 Pompompurin cafes in total. All of them are in Asia (of course…!) and in 2 countries : Japan and China (Hong Kong).

In Japan, the cafés are located in Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama. Sadly, the Singapore café closed its door for good. So outside Japan, plan B would be the Hong Kong version.

I linked all the addresses down below !

pompompurin cafe orchard road

Atmosphere and interior design at the Pompompurin Café

The pictures speak for themselves : the Pompompurin café is (was) decorated carefully. It has Sanrio written all over it, with tons of cute details that make you fall back into childhood !

As usual in Sanrio cafés, furniture is not refined but you will soon forget about it. The cuddly toys* at each table, customized dishes and place mats, Pompompurin lampshades (and so on) are among the few things that really caught my eye !

Also, there was a corner to shop some goodies (strategically located next to the checkout).

*They remind me so much of the huge ones from the Moomin Café !

pompompurin cafe


cafe sanrio pompompurin avis

The menu

We stumbled upon this themed café mi-afternoon while shopping. Because we weren’t hungry but thirsty and tired from walking, it was the perfect spot to have a break and enjoy a few drinks.

Although we did not try the food, check out how adorable the dishes and desserts were !

menu menu cafe

So we shared an ice tea and a latte. Each with a cost of SG$6,99, so roughly 4,40€ per drink.

Quite expensive, but not that surprising considering the location of this coffeeshop (right in the middle of Orchard Road, famous in Singapore for its huge luxurious malls !)

the glace

It was a totally regular ice tea but look at that glass !

pompompurin orchard

The main attraction of our visit was the latte. The little Pompompurin marshmallows on top were adorable. And it was good coffee !

ice tea sanrio

The Pompompurin Cafe : My Verdict ?

I am such a good audience so of course I liked every minute of my visit at the Pompompurin Café Singapore (except the bill maybe ?). A cute place, full of the Sanrio spirit, and not excessively girly.

BUT, I am so disappointed to learn that the Singapore café is now definitively closed. I was really looking forward to try some food next time. I guess I will have to go back to Japan…or HK…or both…!

dessous de verre sanrio

〈〈 The Pompompurin Café 〉〉

Singapore (plan) / Tokyo (plan) / Osaka (plan) / Yokohama (plan) / Hong Kong (plan)

Are you a Pompompurin fan ? Would you like to try this kind of themed café ?

Bisous !

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